Wireless Group bids to counter the ‘death of radio’ by positioning Virgin Radio between BBC Radio 1 & 2

From The Drum
Posted 1 April 2016, 6.50am edt

Intended to counter the oft anticipated death of radio, Wireless Group, which owns Virgin Radio, decided to make the station’s return as noisy as possible by achieving an impressive feat of streaming live from a moving train. Virgin Radio originall... read the full story

Editor's note: this headline and text was the original for The Drum's news story, which has since, it appears, been rewritten as you'll note when you click through.

As a note: 90% of the UK population listen to radio every week. This figure has remained relatively static over the last ten years. Time spent listening to radio has declined by just 10%, in a time period which has included the invention of the iPhone, the advent of broadband internet for all, and an explosion in alternative forms of audio entertainment. In short, radio's "death" is taking quite some time to actually materialise.

What a respected media title is doing writing about "the anticipated death of radio" - even if later quietly edited out - is anyone's business. But it highlights an issue with both lazy media writers and a poorly understood medium. Let's hope nobody looks at how The Drum's traffic is doing. - jc


3 years, 8 months ago

Perhaps 'death' should have been 'dearth' ? Either way its not happening , even if the BBC is trimming budgets like a demented demon barber... People will always want a good 'natter' and the lure of a visual IPhone/tablet/ fades as your eyesight goes (about age 43) and yearly eye tests are the norm. :)

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