G Media launch website localisation with The Breeze

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Posted 9 February 2015, 7.06am est

G Media has today unveiled ‘Locations’, a new product forming part of their content management platform, which allows multiple radio stations or regions to be combined into a single website.

Visitors to the website can browse pages as per normal, and are only asked to set their location when looking for content relating to their area, or the local radio station.

For editors, it means managing the web content of many radio stations becomes as simple as managing one. Each item of content can be tagged so it is only visible to the relevant audience.

Locations is integrated with Radioplayer, now playing data, advertising, mobile apps and more.

The launch coincides with the redesign of Celador Radio’s, now featuring a responsive design, which simplifies the consumer experience while giving them complete access to local and national content.

Don Thomson, CEO, Celador Radio said: “The new website makes it really simple for our team to deliver both local and network content online ­ just like we do on air. It’s a great match for The Breeze and we’re delighted with what G Media has done to create a system that works for us.”

Gav Richards, Product Development Director, G Media adds: “Our task was to not only build a great listener experience, but to make managing the online content for many radio stations much easier. Locations takes our platform to the next level.”

The new suite of tools are available from G Media today.

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5 years, 3 months ago

This is neat. Compare and contrast with the "Hallam 2" type websites that Bauer Media have just rolled out - a duplicate content SEO nightmare...

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