Top Facebook likes for television channels in the UK

We follow 2,144 Facebook accounts across the media. Where a television channel has more than one main account, we’re currently simply adding the likes together for now; reflecting the total like number that these channels have. Click their names to discover more about them, and compare their followers with other social networks.

1CGTN77,569,604 likes
2Nickelodeon26,002,690 likes
3Fox23,700,860 likes
4CNN17,575,726 likes
5Sky News Arabia12,185,329 likes
6Sky Sports Main Event11,705,213 likes
7Sky Sports News11,705,213 likes
8Eurosport 19,947,004 likes
9Sky News UK8,317,799 likes
10BET UK7,527,657 likes
11Universal TV5,004,972 likes
12Lifetime4,353,185 likes
13AMC4,285,464 likes
14BBC One4,167,379 likes
15Fashion TV4,129,323 likes
16Discovery Channel4,099,095 likes
17MTV4,067,934 likes
18QVC3,014,647 likes
19E42,779,702 likes
20TV5MONDE Europe2,754,139 likes
21BBC Three2,619,199 likes
22Vice2,559,323 likes
23Channel 42,286,830 likes
24Daystar2,214,046 likes
25euronews2,035,887 likes
26BT Sport ESPN1,859,458 likes
27Sky Sports F11,844,309 likes
28TRT World1,811,896 likes
294Music1,786,738 likes
30Food Network1,517,475 likes
31France 241,346,163 likes
32Smithsonian Channel1,286,126 likes
33BBC Two1,277,901 likes
34BT Sport 11,219,185 likes
35BT Sport 31,219,185 likes
36ITV1,139,607 likes
37Sky Cinema Action & Adventure1,088,524 likes
38Sky Cinema Comedy1,088,524 likes
39Sky Cinema Premiere1,088,524 likes
40BBC Scotland1,064,285 likes
41Cartoon Network976,018 likes
42NOW 80s750,745 likes
43Comedy Central744,418 likes
44Zee TV715,777 likes
45CNBC563,626 likes
46Dave454,098 likes
47Sky One423,403 likes
48Channel 5379,951 likes
49Bloomberg374,375 likes
50RT UK366,724 likes
51BoxNation364,176 likes
52Sky Atlantic349,696 likes
53Forces TV335,775 likes
54Together308,393 likes
55Voxafrica TV UK295,115 likes
56Horror Channel291,548 likes
57British Muslim TV258,689 likes
58Create and Craft235,375 likes
59Sky Sports Racing206,858 likes
60UTV191,693 likes
61TLC177,776 likes
62Sky Arts154,250 likes
63Kerrang! TV137,900 likes
64Racing TV123,405 likes
65Travel Channel122,388 likes
66Really118,665 likes
67Sky Witness100,369 likes
68ITVBe100,183 likes
69Pavers Shoes TV100,059 likes
70W97,210 likes
71TravelXP89,777 likes
72London Live87,734 likes
73Sony Crime 2 (2 accounts)79,702 likes
74Vintage TV69,374 likes
75Jewellery Maker68,034 likes
76The Jewellery Channel62,199 likes
77Ideal World53,674 likes
78S4C51,554 likes
79The Craft Channel50,730 likes
805Spike48,799 likes
81ITV4 (2 accounts)47,642 likes
82Alibi47,088 likes
83Rishtey Europe46,697 likes
84CBS Drama43,932 likes
85Hochanda40,979 likes
86Drama40,210 likes
87Yesterday37,932 likes
88CBS Reality33,277 likes
89Birmingham TV (3 accounts)32,295 likes
90Challenge31,653 likes
91Leeds TV28,992 likes
92Turner Classic Movies28,699 likes
93Notts TV28,060 likes
94Talking Pictures TV27,005 likes
95ITV Box Office26,990 likes
96ITV325,082 likes
97Investigation Discovery22,467 likes
98Tyne & Wear TV19,968 likes
99CBS Justice19,319 likes
100KMTV15,859 likes
101Pick 15,520 likes
102TBN UK14,717 likes
103Bristol TV14,595 likes
104BBC News13,867 likes
105Cruise1st.tv13,595 likes
106Liverpool TV11,867 likes
107Cardiff TV11,701 likes
108Sangat TV10,855 likes
109Blaze9,026 likes
110ARISE News8,716 likes
111Holiday & Cruise TV (2 accounts)8,644 likes
112Chart Show TV8,430 likes
113NVTV7,569 likes
114Total Country (3 accounts)7,284 likes
115Keep it Country6,865 likes
116That's Swansea Bay6,278 likes
117The Africa Channel6,249 likes
118That's Lancashire (2 accounts)5,596 likes
119Latest TV5,497 likes
120ABN TV4,945 likes
121Sheffield Live! TV4,461 likes
122That's Humber4,444 likes
123Paramount Network4,156 likes
124That's York4,149 likes
125That's Manchester3,132 likes
126Teesside TV3,095 likes
127Sony Crime Channel2,971 likes
128North Wales TV2,902 likes
129Front Runner2,848 likes
130Shopping Nation2,611 likes
131XTV Online2,601 likes
132PBS America1,895 likes
133LSUTV1,826 likes
134True Movies 11,697 likes
135That's Oxfordshire1,656 likes
136That's Scotland - Ayr1,345 likes
137That's Scotland - Edinburgh (2 accounts)873 likes
138RU:ON TV829 likes
139ShowBiz TV708 likes
140That's Scotland - Dundee608 likes
141ITV Encore535 likes
142That's Scotland - Aberdeen (2 accounts)362 likes
143The Deal Channel323 likes