Top Facebook likes for radio stations in Australia

Data here is from late 2019. We are awaiting re-authorisation of this feature from Facebook.

We follow 2,206 Facebook accounts across the media. Where a radio station has more than one main account, we’re currently simply adding the likes together for now; reflecting the total like number that these stations have. Click their names to discover more about them, and compare their followers with other social networks.

1Chemist Warehouse Remix7,370,852 likes
2Elf Radio7,370,852 likes
3Pure Gold 80's7,370,852 likes
4Pure Gold 90s7,370,852 likes
5ABC NEWS on Radio3,902,055 likes
6Radio Five-O-Plus1,389,485 likes
7SBS PopAsia1,317,626 likes
8Coles Radio1,303,563 likes
9triple j1,247,642 likes
10Nova 93.7917,643 likes
11Nova 100820,335 likes
12hit Mackay and the Whitsundays727,328 likes
13Triple M Sydney669,665 likes
14KIIS 1065669,117 likes
15Mix 102.3 (2 accounts)650,674 likes
16Nova 919628,954 likes
17hit92.9538,795 likes
182DayFM510,683 likes
19Fox FM466,759 likes
20hit107453,835 likes
21hit100.9 Hobart442,826 likes
22Nova 106.9438,162 likes
23hit105400,307 likes
2491.9 Sea FM396,082 likes
25Triple M Hobart383,515 likes
26smoothfm 91.5367,810 likes
2797.3FM339,704 likes
28smoothfm 95.3335,902 likes
29The Age307,003 likes
30Nova 96.9247,042 likes
31ABC KIDS listen190,556 likes
32hit106.9 Newcastle189,682 likes
33Triple M Newcastle189,213 likes
34triple j Unearthed187,335 likes
35ABC RN186,602 likes
364KQ182,869 likes
37The Edge179,313 likes
38Triple M Melbourne175,829 likes
39SBS Arabic24174,152 likes
40Double J171,104 likes
41ABC Radio Sydney167,094 likes
42ABC Radio Brisbane166,586 likes
43hit103.1 Townsville161,200 likes
44ABC Grandstand159,206 likes
45Triple M Riverina142,712 likes
46KIIS 101.1124,603 likes
47Mix 94.5120,213 likes
48hit90.9 Sea FM Gold Coast111,648 likes
49Cruise 1323111,346 likes
50ABC Radio Melbourne108,583 likes
51ABC Classic105,965 likes
52hit95.1 Maranoa104,659 likes
53hit South Queensland104,659 likes
54Star 104.5104,502 likes
552GO103,821 likes
56Triple M Brisbane102,556 likes
571116 SEN99,290 likes
58Raw FM96,558 likes
59hit104.7 Canberra93,351 likes
60ABC Radio Perth92,610 likes
61hit104.9 The Border84,790 likes
62Triple M Adelaide78,536 likes
63Sky Sports Radio78,020 likes
64Triple M Townsville76,616 likes
65FBi Radio75,548 likes
66Hot 91.175,510 likes
67hit101.3 Sea FM Central Coast75,441 likes
68Hope 103.268,218 likes
69ABC Radio Adelaide67,520 likes
70Gold 104.366,913 likes
71ABC Radio Hobart64,846 likes
72WSFM57,153 likes
73Fresh 92.756,469 likes
74Kiss FM55,163 likes
75Mixx FM Wimmera Mallee54,732 likes
76i98FM53,702 likes
77Rebel FM50,473 likes
781233 ABC Newcastle49,625 likes
79Kinderling Kids Radio49,430 likes
8097.3 Coast FM49,288 likes
81Star 106.346,533 likes
82K rock 95.545,426 likes
83ABC North West Queensland44,926 likes
843RRR43,598 likes
851029 Hot Tomato43,478 likes
86hit93.5 Dubbo41,592 likes
872ME Radio Arabic41,225 likes
88ABC Western Queensland40,341 likes
89bay 93.939,668 likes
90ABC Radio Canberra38,657 likes
9196.5 Wave FM37,835 likes
92Triple M Country37,725 likes
93Vision Christian Radio35,144 likes
943AW34,646 likes
9592.7 Mix FM34,086 likes
96PBS 106.7FM34,050 likes
97River 94.933,919 likes
98RSN 92733,099 likes
99RSN Carnival33,099 likes
100ABC Southern Queensland32,786 likes
10191.7 ABC Gold Coast32,636 likes
1027HOFM31,782 likes
10396FM31,068 likes
104hit Goulburn Valley30,259 likes
105KIX Country Radio Network30,151 likes
106chilli 90.1fm30,095 likes
107chilli North East30,095 likes
1082GB28,916 likes
109TRFM28,880 likes
11096five Family Radio28,076 likes
111Gold 92.527,493 likes
112The Breeze27,335 likes
113FIVEaa27,114 likes
1144ZZZ26,903 likes
115hit99.5 Sunraysia26,527 likes
116OneFM26,004 likes
117Hitz93924,931 likes
118ABC Goulburn Murray24,758 likes
119101.7 Sea FM24,743 likes
120107.7 Sea FM24,743 likes
121Triple M Bendigo24,298 likes
122NEW FM23,726 likes
123ABC Tropical North23,487 likes
124ABC Wide Bay Qld23,307 likes
125Star 102.722,804 likes
126Power FM Nowra22,409 likes
127Power FM Ballarat22,111 likes
128Hot 10021,845 likes
129B-Rock FM21,536 likes
130Mix 106.321,167 likes
13197.3 ABC Illawarra20,669 likes
132ABC Western Plains19,845 likes
133Power 10019,629 likes
134Triple M Cairns19,217 likes
135Power FM Muswellbrook18,685 likes
136ABC Mid North Coast NSW18,430 likes
137RTRFM18,422 likes
138Star 101.918,281 likes
139Radio Metro18,224 likes
140Triple M Central Wheatbelt18,207 likes
141ABC Radio Central Coast16,341 likes
142Coast FM15,593 likes
143C91.3FM15,335 likes
144hit93.1 Riverina15,123 likes
145Triple M The Border15,071 likes
146Hit Buddha14,897 likes
147ABC Jazz14,722 likes
148Pulse FM Hobart14,580 likes
149Vintage FM (2 accounts)14,483 likes
150hit Far North Queensland14,201 likes
151LAFM14,179 likes
152hit Gippsland13,748 likes
153JOY 94.913,590 likes
154Triple M Fraser Coast12,034 likes
155Triple M Southwest11,989 likes
15698.9fm11,701 likes
1576PR11,439 likes
1583BA11,252 likes
159Mixx FM The Great South West10,890 likes
160Rythmos10,680 likes
161Triple M Coffs Coast10,590 likes
162Triple M Goulburn Valley10,201 likes
163Triple M Bundy10,122 likes
1642SER10,107 likes
1652ST Highlands9,733 likes
1662ST Shoalhaven9,733 likes
167hit99.7 Riverina MIA9,576 likes
168hit Mid North Coast9,467 likes
169Triple M Classic Rock Digital9,191 likes
1704BC9,133 likes
171Power FM South Australia9,023 likes
172Mix 104.98,997 likes
1733CR8,842 likes
174ABC Classic 28,772 likes
175Hit WA8,772 likes
176Gold 12428,759 likes
177Boom Radio8,593 likes
178SYN8,585 likes
179SYN Nation8,585 likes
180Radio Adelaide8,518 likes
181Zinc 96.18,189 likes
182Magic 105.98,001 likes
183Three D Radio7,894 likes
1842WEB7,867 likes
185NOW FM7,724 likes
186Zoo FM7,359 likes
187hit96.1 Limestone Coast7,304 likes
188Triple M Goldfields7,191 likes
189Real FM7,169 likes
1904MK7,158 likes
191Hit Oldskool6,955 likes
192Triple M Mid North Coast6,935 likes
1932CH6,920 likes
1944CC6,817 likes
195ultra106.5fm6,622 likes
196Max FM 107.36,561 likes
197Power FM Bega Bay6,336 likes
198Triple M Darling Downs6,244 likes
1992LT6,235 likes
2006iX6,220 likes
2013YB6,132 likes
202Triple M Sunraysia6,110 likes
203River 14675,743 likes
2043MBS 103.5FM5,723 likes
2053MBS Digital5,723 likes
206Bay FM Byron Bay5,701 likes
2072AY5,672 likes
208Vision1805,326 likes
20991.3 SportFM5,276 likes
210Triple M Goldfields 9815,208 likes
211Magic 93.15,175 likes
212Southern FM5,108 likes
213Snow FM4,946 likes
214Spirit 102.5 Karratha4,875 likes
215Spirit 94.1 Hedland4,778 likes
2162EC4,735 likes
217Mixx FM Western District4,516 likes
218Brisbane Youth Radio4,405 likes
219Salt 106.54,345 likes
220Gem FM4,141 likes
221Curtin Radio4,016 likes
222Roccy FM3,950 likes
223Triple M Avon Valley3,929 likes
224Mixx FM The Mallee3,812 likes
2253KND3,758 likes
2263SH3,656 likes
2272TM3,640 likes
228Triple M Albany3,608 likes
229101FM3,589 likes
2302CC3,550 likes
231Triple M Esperance3,516 likes
232Radio 4EB3,498 likes
233Edge Radio 99.3FM3,401 likes
234Gorilla Dance Radio3,173 likes
2352MG3,087 likes
236Triple M Central West3,054 likes
237Macquarie Sports Radio Brisbane3,045 likes
238Macquarie Sports Radio Melbourne3,045 likes
239Macquarie Sports Radio Perth3,045 likes
240Macquarie Sports Radio Sydney3,045 likes
2414RO3,024 likes
242Spirit 621 Southwest2,978 likes
2432BS Gold2,921 likes
2444KZ2,894 likes
2457XS2,823 likes
246Spirit WA Remote2,820 likes
247Edge FM Wangaratta2,783 likes
248Edge FM Deniliquin2,770 likes
249SURG2,706 likes
250EON Sports Radio2,668 likes
251Triple M Limestone Coast2,588 likes
25287.8 UCFM (2 accounts)2,574 likes
253FBi Radio2,567 likes
2544LG2,504 likes
2552CA2,465 likes
256Spirit 102.9 Broome2,397 likes
2575RM2,394 likes
258Triple M Hard N Heavy2,387 likes
2597AD2,376 likes
260SWR Triple 92,372 likes
261Sunshine FM2,361 likes
262Eagle FM2,350 likes
263Sun9692,319 likes
264Magic FM2,317 likes
2657BU2,300 likes
2663CS2,298 likes
267Gold Central Victoria2,290 likes
268todayscountry94one2,286 likes
269Stereo 9742,268 likes
2703ABN Australia Radio2,252 likes
2715CC2,134 likes
2724BU2,133 likes
2735MU2,086 likes
274Undiscovered Rock Radio2,069 likes
275Hill FM2,054 likes
276Oz Urban Radio2,046 likes
2772GN1,879 likes
2785TCB FM1,859 likes
279Inspire Digital Sydney1,831 likes
280New 104.71,824 likes
2812BOB Radio 104.7FM1,791 likes
282ZZZ FM1,791 likes
2832NM1,790 likes
284FM107.51,717 likes
285FM100.31,678 likes
286hit95.9 Charters Towers1,667 likes
287hit102.5 Mount Isa1,667 likes
2884MBS Classic FM1,588 likes
2894CA1,556 likes
290Coast FM 9631,513 likes
291hit101.9 Fraser Coast1,479 likes
29294.1FM 3WBC1,419 likes
293100.3 FM 2MCR Macarthur1,416 likes
2943GG1,409 likes
295ArtSoundFM1,406 likes
296FaithFM1,370 likes
29796three1,318 likes
2984HI1,311 likes
2992DU1,291 likes
300Gold MX1,291 likes
30198.9 North West FM1,289 likes
302Radio Fremantle1,277 likes
3032GF1,275 likes
304100.3 BAY-FM1,269 likes
3053WAY-FM1,247 likes
3062QN1,233 likes
307Triple M Riverina MIA1,183 likes
3082XL1,163 likes
309OCR FM1,104 likes
3104LM1,074 likes
311Sunbury Radio1,041 likes
3122BH1,013 likes
313SEN+1,006 likes
314Indigo FM960 likes
315RadioTAB955 likes
316RadioTAB 2955 likes
317Radio KLFM949 likes
3183ZZZ914 likes
319Golden Days Radio884 likes
320Radio Brisvaani825 likes
3212RE804 likes
3222MO800 likes
3238HA798 likes
324Radio 1629AM792 likes
325ZED Digital761 likes
326LightDigital702 likes
327Kool FM672 likes
328Triple M Greatest Hits (2 accounts)631 likes
329Tank FM627 likes
3304AM606 likes
331West FM Charleville588 likes
332West FM Longreach588 likes
3337SD581 likes
334Hit Easy572 likes
3354SB537 likes
336OAK FM525 likes
337OKR FM439 likes
338Hot Country438 likes
3392VM430 likes
3402NZ425 likes
3414AK419 likes
342Radio 97409 likes
3432AD396 likes
3444RPH396 likes
3453NE363 likes
346Wild Horse FM353 likes
3474VL348 likes
348Fun Super Digi339 likes
3494GY322 likes
3504WK311 likes
3515AU297 likes
3525RPH Adelaide288 likes
3535CS281 likes
3544ZR274 likes
355Triple G262 likes
356Easy Listening 1611am245 likes
357Radio Great Southern245 likes
3582HC236 likes
359Classic Hits 666223 likes
3602PK213 likes
361Hot Hits 99.7213 likes
362KIK FM211 likes
363Hit Wheatbelt206 likes
364My Canberra Digital112 likes
365My Perth Digital104 likes
366Tourist Gold 98.797 likes
367Radio 2EL66 likes
368hit102.3 Esperance51 likes